Diversity&Inclusion in our company culture

SD Worx has more than 5000 employees in our offices all over Europe and Mauritius. Approximately 62% of our employees are women. However, these are only two of the dimensions of diversity in our company. Our goal is to build a common understanding of Diversity & Inclusion as part of our company culture and to take concrete actions for our employees towards a future where all are welcome.

Our ambition is to act as one company and capitalise on our international presence.​ It is essential that we show respect towards each other, give trust and care. ​ Diversity&Inclusion is one cornerstone of our corporate value statements "Dear Customer", "Commitment drives us forward", "We believe in each other", "The road is open" and "One for all, all for one“.​

Let's bring the power of Diversity to life!

We strive to create an environment that brings the power of diversity to life. It´s an environment where people with different backgrounds and experiences thrive in both their professional and personal lives. So, that is why we have already several D&I communities.

  • SD Worx Testimonial for Diversity & Inclusion:  Tea Colaianni

    Tea Colaianni is the first non-Belgian to become a board member at SD Worx. Tea lives and works in the UK, saying "I have always worked in an international context with different teams, cultures and in different industries. I love this variety, diversity and complexity that characterise international and growing businesses. I am delighted to be able to contribute to the growth of SD Worx." 

Environment, social and governance at SD Worx

During our 75 years of existence, we have learned that businesses and their working processes impact both individuals and society as a whole. As a growing international people solutions provider, we understand the corresponding responsibility and we take this role seriously.

Our considerable growth – in people, portfolio, and geography – is backed by strong collaboration with our employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders on social, environmental, ethical and customer concerns. This enables us as a company to maximise the creation of shared value for each stakeholder and for our larger society, and to minimise possible negative impacts.

For us, there is no other way: we always treat our stakeholders correctly and respectfully. We also structurally put our shoulders to the wheel, participating in projects in different countries that contribute to a better world for all. Our employees actively seek ways to improve constructive collaboration between customers, people, teams and functions at SD Worx, respect cultural differences, value and promote social and cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion in the workplace . 

Thus, the focus in this first ESG report is now on people, the S in ESG